My Models and Mentors

My Models and Mentors
List the most important role models and mentors in your life. Then describe what their positive modeling and mentoring have meant to your development.

Role Models and Mentors Their Contributions
1. My father-  He dedicated his life to giving a good life to our family by working abroad and sacrificing being apart from us. I have learned from his example and have studied hard to provide well for my kids (functional value). Conversely, since my father (and mother) never finished college, and seeing how they had a hard time providing for us (vicarious punishment) it motivated me to finish my studies in order not to experience
the same adversities.

2. My mother- She became our mother cum father when my father worked overseas. Like my father, she dedicated her life to caring and nurturing us. From her example, I have cared for my kids with all my best efforts, to the point of even going on semi-retirement just to focus on guiding them on their studies.

3. My Ninong- He was an engineer, he provided well for his family, and they can afford luxuries that our family cannot. He was instrumental in my choosing an engineering course since like him, I have developed an aptitude for math.

4. My college prof. Mrs.Rubio She displayed competence in her subject area and is very compassionate with her students. I have tried to be very competent and with a caring attitude in lessons that I give .

5. Teacher Malou Juachon Since Day 1 of this course, she gives praises, encouragements, positive remarks, help, and guidance generously to her students. She also accomodates requests and responds to inquiries in a very timely manner. Learning from her, I now generously reinforce good behavior of my students.

6. My High School English Teacher(Mrs. Villareal) She always has a ready smile to greet everyone. She treats each student as her “anak”, handles them so compassionately that students do not want to disappoint her. I have tried copying these attributes in dealing with my students now.

The Type of Role Model I Want to Be for My Students.
Describe which characteristics and behaviors you believe are the most important for you to model for your students.

1. Math competency/ Persistence in solving problems

2. Self-regulation skills and self-efficacy

3. Emotional intelligence

4. Innovative with teaching strategies

5.Generous with praises, encouragements and positive reinforcers

6. Compassionate and caring attitute

How I Will Incorporate Models and Mentors in My Classroom?
Describe a systematic plan for bringing models and mentors into your students’ lives in one or more domain(s) you plan to teach, such as math, English, science, music, and so on.

I plan to be a classroom math teacher. In my lessons, I plan to be a model of math competency by showing them that I have a broad knowledge in math. I can do this by continuously educating myself with all branches of math. If I am teaching geometry, for example, my students may suddenly ask me for assistance in their statistics lesson, for which I must be knowledgeable also.
I also will be a model of persistency and self-regulation by having a concrete course objective and managing time alloted to our subject to cover everything in the course outline. I will always be punctual and present as much as I can to inculcate in them the value of respecting time. I will be compassionate and caring to them and generous with positive reinforcers (praises, doesn’t cost a thing) so they will develop self-efficacy and self-worth. Lastly, I will be a second mother and accomodating friend to them so they may perceive that like them, I too, was a student once who, with persistent efforts, succeeded into what I became today.

Who Will Be My Education Mentor? What Would My Ideal Education Mentor Be Like? Do you have someone in mind who might serve as an education mentor when you become a teacher? If so, describe the person. What would your ideal education mentor be like?

An ideal mentor is someone who is able to develop and maximize his/her students’ potentials, in all perspectives of intelligence. He/she is well respected and admired by the class that he/she becomes a role model for the students. He/She understands the students’ diversity and designs teaching strategies accordingly.

My education mentors are Teacher Malou Juachon and my college professors in ECE, Mrs. Rubio. Both are respected achievers in their fields and much knowledgable in their subject areas. Both are accomodating and warm to their students. Teacher Malou is so good at motivating her students, she eats, sleeps and breathes positive remarks. Mrs. Rubio is so compassionate, her students wouldn’t want to disappoint her. Both influenced me to study hard and give it my best shot.


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